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PRO SE HANDBOOK - Northern California
How to Deal with Pro Se Litigants - Advice to bank attorneys

SPIRE LAW GROUP:  Protecting the public at all costs from corruption.
Mar 2012:  Our Government Blessed Foreclosure Fraud

STOP FORECLOSURES - Temporary Foreclosure Moratorium
Online Petition:  Until Homeowner Bill of Rights takes effect Jan 1, 2013, over 400,000 families in CA will be fighting foreclosure to keep their homes.  This petition sends an email to Governor Brown and every state legislator, requesting a foreclosure moratorium until then.  Please help keep owners in their homes, and our real estate market and economy from further damage.

Fair Debt Collections Act
:  Check out current laws in your State
Foreclosure Laws by State
List of Known Robosigners  Another List  Another List
Judicial/Non-Judicial States

50 STATES BANK SETTLEMENTFact Sheet  Executive Summary
Oct 2012:  $43T Lawsuit against Holder, Geithner, Banks for Racketeering/Laundering

Jun 2012:   Attorney General Settlement with 5 Servicers
May 2012:  Foreclosure Fraud Settlement Fund Raid - Balance Budgets Instead
Feb 2012:  Mortgage Fraud:  Local Officials step up to Uncover Document Fraud
Feb 2012:  Settlement Protects Banks from Some Litigation; Here's Exposure
Feb 2012:  Bank Fraud Settlement Analysis
Feb 2012:  Foreclosure Settlement Reached [not written yet]
Dec 2011:  Details of Mortgage Servicing Settlement Between Banks & AGs
Nov 2011:  Comptroller of the Currency:  Foreclosure Related Consent Orders

Nov 2012:  Feds Charge "Robo-Signer" Boss with Forged Foreclosures
2009:  MORTGAGE DEBT RELIEF ACT  Extended to 12/31/13.

CALIFORNIA [non-judicial]
CA Notary Laws - use to verify Foreclosure Trustee firm Notary Logs
Recorder's Handbook
CA Penal Code Quotes
Assignments NOT Needed to Foreclose

Oct 2012:  Spire $43T Lawsuit Article   Lawsuit   Client Intro Letter
Aug, 2012:  Homeowner's $1B lawsuit against CA and its AG allowed to stand
Jul-Aug 2012:  There are five (5) separate bills in the Homeowner Bill of Rights: 
   Foreclosure Law
- SB900  - [fact sheet] [SB900 bill] [video announcement]
   Blight Prevention
- AB2413  passed and chaptered
   Tenant Protection
- AB2610 - waiting for governor signature
   AG Enforcement Act
- AB1950 - waiting for governor signature
   State Wide Grand Jury
- SB1474 - waiting for governor signature
Jun 2012:  San Francisco Taxes Foreclosures - Vote Nov 6th
May 2012:  HR5823 [federal]:  Saving Taxpayers from GSI Bulk Sale Programs
May 2012:  AB1745 - Calif Assoc of Realtor Preferred Law to Help Short Sales
                CAR responsible for death of Home Owner Bill of Rights (AB1470)
Apr 2012:  Home Owner Bill of Rights (HOBOR-AB1470) Legislative Overview
Mar 2012:  San Francisco Foreclosure Moratorium Resolution
Feb 2012:  San Francisco County Forensic Audit  Audit Findings
Oct 2011:  CA Courts Rubber-stamping foreclosures
Sept 2011: Wells Fargo CEO & Staff Sued [compensation starts item 12]
                Charged with conspiracy, aiding & abetting, filing false SEC docs
Aug 2010:  Class Action Suit Against Aurora Loan ServicesComplaint.
July 2010:  Rickie Walker.  Bankruptcy Court.  MERS Cannot Transfer Anything.
Dec 2008.  Saxon v Hillery.  US District Court. 
                No evidence MERS held note or given authority to assign note.

DELAWARE [judicial]
Oct 2011:  Delaware v. MERSCORP.  Court of Chancery. 
               MERS is deceptive and a "front" organization.

FLORIDA [judicial]
Nov 2012:  DocX Plea Agreement to Forging Foreclosure Documents.   US District Court.
                  DocX "Document Creation" Price List
July 2012:  Coursen v JP Morgan Chase, Fidelity National Title.  US District Court.
Discovery established that FNF, LPS, et al are "debt collectors" and part of a civil conspiracy and RICO enterprise.

May 2012:  Florida Supreme Court Reviews Bank Foreclosure Fraud
This case was settled between Roman Pino and Bank of NY Mellon, but justices are considering whether a bank can escape punishment for recording a fraudulent document by withdrawing the foreclosure.

IDAHO [non-judicial]
July 2009:  Wilhelm Decision.  Chief US Bankruptcy Judge. 
                MERS, by its construction, separates the Notes from the Mortgages.

KANSAS [judicial]
Oct 2009:  Landmark National Bank v Kesler.  Supreme Court. 
               MERS has no standing to foreclose and is, in fact, a straw man.

KENTUCKY [judicial]
Apr 2012:  14 Counties sue MERS    Lawsuit

LOUISIANA [judicial]
Apr 2012:  Louisiana sues 17 Banks under RICO Laws for MERS Scheme
Apr 2012:  Jones v Wells Fargo.  Bankruptcy court.  $3M punitive against Wells.

MAINE [judicial]
June 2010:  MERS v Saunders.  Supreme court.  MERS has no actionable interest in title.

MARYLAND [judicial], TENNESSEE [non-judicial]
May 2011: Baltimore v Wells Fargo, Memphis v Wells Fargo. US District Court.
April, 2010:  Baltimore & Memphis File Lawsuits Against Wells Fargo

MASSACHUSSETTS [non-judicial]
Supreme Judicial Court & Appeals Court of Massachussetts
Jan 2013:  Registrar O'Brien Affidavit for Restitution   Auditor Affidavit
Jan 2012: 
Southern Essex District, Salem Forensic Audit  Audit Findings
Jan 2012:  Eaton v Fannie Mae.  Supreme Court. 
               Lawsuit Supplemental Brief on Foreclosure Fraud
Jan 2011:  US Bank v Ibanez. Supreme court. 
               Defective chain of title cannot be fixed.

MICHIGAN [non-judicial]
Mar 2012:  Lawsuit Against Fannie/Freddie May Give State Millions

MINNESOTA [non-judicial]
Dec 2010:  Homeowners use "Show Me the Note" to win against BofA

MISSOURI [non-judicial]
Feb 2012:  DocX Indicted on Forgery Charges in MO Foreclosures
                   list of robo-signer names used in foreclosure docs

NEBRASKA [non-judicial]
Oct 2005:  MERS v Nebraska Dept of Banking & Finance - State appellate. 
         MERS' recognized as having no actionable interest in title.

NEVADA [non-judicial]
Oct 2012:  Nevada Supreme Court Give MERS Win
Jan 2012:  Nevada Foreclosures Drop After Anti-Fraud Law Takes Effect
May 2011: Law NRS 107.080 Requiring Affidavit of Authority to Foreclose, see p10

NEW HAMPSHIRE [non-judicial]
Jul 2012:  Ossipee, NH: Sheriff announces Mortgage Fraud Task Force

NEW YORK [judicial]
Apr 2013:  Assignments to MBS after PSA close date are void.
Oct 2012:  ACLU Sues Morgan Stanley for Mortgage Discrimination
Oct 2012:  Residential MBS Files Suit against Chase and EMC
Apr 2012:  Lawsuit Against Banks and Off-shore Havens
Feb 2012:  MERS Business Model Not Legal  Lawsuit 2011US Bankruptcy Court
Feb 2012:  AG Schneiderman Files Lawsuit against MERS and Big Banks  [MERS]
Summons and Complaint against Chase, BofA, Wells, MERS and EMC.  Supreme court.

NORTH CAROLINA [non-judicial]
March 2012:  Guilford County Sues MERS  Complaint
2011:  Guilford County - website specifically against foreclosure fraud
June 2010.  In Re Adams.  Superior court. 
                Note assignments missing, no standing to foreclose.

OHIO [judicial]
Oct 2012:  Fannie Mae v Schwartzwald.  Court of Appeals.  For the owner.
Dec 2012:  Onewest v Yevtich.  Court of Appeals.  Reversed for owner.
July 2012:  Clark v LPSOhio Class Action for Fraudulent Foreclosure Docs
Summer 2010:  Cincinnati Law Review of MERS
Oct 2007:  Boyko Decision.  Federal Court. 
               Overturns 14 foreclosures due to foreclosing party lacking standing.

OREGON [non-judicial]
Jan 2013:   Niday v GMAC.  Oregon Supreme Court.  Overview  Livestreamed
Nov 2012:  Multnomah County to Sue MERS for Fee Evasion
Jul 2012:   Niday v GMAC.  Oregon Court.  MERS has no beneficial interest.                      
Feb 2012:  Foreclosure Protection Law Passed  Senate Bill 1552
Feb 2012:  James v RECONTRUST.  US District Court.  MERS on notice.
               MERS is not a lender, not a beneficiary, has no standing.

Mar 2013:  PA Lawsuit against MERS for Forged Documents
 Oct 2012: 
Montgomery County Recorder Sues MERS for Fees Again
Nov 2011:  Montgomery County Recorder Sues MERS for Fees

RHODE ISLAND [non-judicial]
Jan 2012:  Senator Maura Challenges Freddie Mac with Serious Allegations

TENNESSEE [non-judicial]
Jul 2012:  BofA sues Bankruptcy Court Trustee

Jan 2013:  Williamson County Property Records Audit
Dec 2012: 
Dallas, Harris, Brazoria Counties v MERSCORP, BofA.  US District Court.

VERMONT [judicial]
Oct 2009.  MERS v Johnson.  Superior Court.  MERS lacks standing to foreclose.

WASHINGTON [non-judicial]
Jan 16, 2013:  Civil Rights Violation Lawsuit filed in Washington DC
Aug 16, 2012:  WA Supreme Court Rules MERS Cannot Foreclose!   

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Home Owners For Justice
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