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If you wonder why this is happening, please check out My Opinion and links below. [10/3/15]

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Lets get one thing straight:  Foreclosure IS the Bank Business Model

The Tide is Turning:  CA Attorney General Amicus Brief - 'Right to Foreclose' Matters
CFPB Amicus Brief - Trustees are Debt Collectors and subject to entire FDCPA  FDCPA

The crisis of corrupt and illegal foreclosures has broken our economy and 
driven millions into poverty.
Stopping this crisis and corruption will enable our economy to recover and create millions of jobs.

1.  If you seek foreclosure defense tactics, start with RESCISSION, then FORECLOSURE DEFENSE
ALWAYS personalize your documentation and complaints.  Example
OCC Website with list of Lender and Servicer Consent Decrees

 2.  If you want to help stop illegal foreclosures, click ACTIVISM/SOLUTIONS
Some current efforts:  Weekdays Live Shows LIBRARY
Statewide Grand Jury: Presented to CA AG 3-27-13Foreclosure Violations Review
O'Brien Anti-Foreclosure CITY ORDINANCE  [FACTSHEET]

3.  If you want to explore the depths of Bank Criminal Activity, click CRIME HISTORY
Warren/Cummings Letter: OCC refuses to provide requested docs
Independent Foreclosure Review Whistleblower - Proof of Bank Cheating
Catherine Austin Fitts:  The Federal Black Budget
William K Black:  10,000 Felonies A Month! [video]
Catherine Austin Fitts:  Fraud to the tune of Trillions
July 2012 Homeland Security Report:  Money Laundering has Ruined Banking System
Judges ARE FOR SALE Report:  New Politics of Judicial Elections 2009-10
[ever wonder why loan mods are so hard to get???]

 HOFJ Youtube channel:

This website details the extensive and continuing bank fraud that has resulted in millions of fraudulent foreclosures, provides Warnings and Information owners may find helpful in trying to keep their homes, and focuses on Actions to help stop the crisis, and Solutions to help ensure that we, the people, don't face this type of crisis again. 

Many folks say lots of stuff.  "Trust but Verify".  Require written proof.  A loan modification can be proven.  A foreclosure cancellation can be proven.  If anyone says they are licensed, check them out.  CA license check: real estate, lenders, insurance, appraisers, corps.

STEALING OUR HOMES - Covering Up Bank Fraud [Why?  See my opinion below.]
They misused our home loans as Financial Weapons of Mass Destruction.
LOST TAX REVENUES - CA County By County Tax Revenue losses (p7)
Historical Foreclosure Record in CA

2005-2013:  HISTORY and LOG of Stealing Our Homes

The private banks (central banks, federal reserve, etc) have been lying, cheating and stealing from us since they were established.  We must nationalize them.

WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?? [updated 10/3/2015]

, there is a battle going on for each of our assets, our minds, our spirits, our individual power. And it's this individual power, which we are just beginning to understand, that is driving the "thieves" to speed up their efforts against us.

As in the movies, the people (the good guys) WILL win, but they must also first "overcome."  These are links that seem to me to be in the "good guy's Alliance network" - speaking truth with confidence.  Be prepared to have everything you thought was "true" turn out to be "not true."  The deception and deceit used against us seems to have been 100%.  

     Veteran's Today
     Divine Cosmos
     Benjamin Fulford (and the counter-posts on this site)
     What Does It Mean (server IP traced to CIA headquarters)

Wake up and smell the foreclosure fraud - asset stripping Americans' dreams:
Alan Grayson, congressman on Systemic Lender Fraud:
   ACTION:  Fight back

Wake up and smell the media cartel - globalist propaganda "talking points:"
24 stations:
18 stations:
   ACTION:  Comment on falseness in newscast/article as possible.  Refer comment readers to other sites.

Wake up and smell the money cartel - debt slavery for the people:
Federal Reserve in 7 minutes:
Federal Reserve = Planetary Money Gods:
$9T missing from Fed in 2012 - no investigation/explanation:
   ACTION:  Nationalize the Federal Reserve into a Public Bank:

Wake up and smell the false flag cartel - justifying and building the police state:
9/11 in 5 minutes:
9/11 Trillions, Follow the Money:
Stewardess bombshells 9/11 using 1terrabyte of FOIA docs:
Russia Disseminates, Snowden Validates, NSA Corroborates 9/11 Data Dump:
Rethink 9/11:
Ring of Power (who had the power?):
Ring of Power Full documentary:
   ACTION:  Learn to watch for these typical "signs" of a False Flag
   ACTION:  Review this Hoax Evidence - become a Critical Thinker instead of Conspiracy Theorist

   ACTION:  Share these videos and links with family, friends and neighbors

Wake up and smell the weather cartel - planetary destruction via industrialized suicide:
   ACTION:  Take and share pics, soil samples, article links with family, friends and neighbors.

Some News Sites that occasionally leak interesting info:
Drudge Report:
   ACTION:  Share these news sites with family, friends and neighbors.

Action:  Make a difference
Action:  Your thoughts can change the world
Action:  3 things Each of Us Can do Everyday to Effect a Positive Future
Action:  Restore Constitutional Government in Your State

Those trying to steal everything we have use "fear porn" and disinformation to get us to mentally give in to those fears which helps make their threats come true.  Instead, push back against this tyranny by NOT agreeing their plans will happen, and instead work for and visualize peace and prosperity for all.  

Their "fear porn" threats to the people include:

   - economic warfare (stock market crash, currency value reset, jobs lost),
   - freedom warfare (martial law, FEMA camps),
   - physical safety warfare (electric grid down, gun confiscation),
   - wealth warfare (fraudulent foreclosure, bank "bail-ins", market manipulations), and
   - planetary warfare (volcanoes, tsunamis, earthquakes, tectonic plate shifts, planet x) using hi-tech weaponry

Fraud is very lucrative, and with the heart of corruption, the Federal Reserve, able to create unlimited "dollars" for their private use, the bribery and extortion of many of our leaders and others is now common knowledge (administration, congress, courts, heads of federal agencies, department of justice, leaders of other countries, etc).

Those that have caved in to the Gangster/Bankster rule are puppets performing as their puppet-masters wish.  However, it seems the puppet-masters are fighting each other, so think about that when you watch the puppets... and the action.

Read widely, discern spiritually.  The Force is definitely with us, for us, and in us.  cj

PLANET X:  interesting News video and analysis:

Note that every date prediction misses.  Perhaps this is because of the people's push back...?

Nasa discovered planet x in 1983 and soon after began the coverup to protect themselves:

Here is a recent short SOHO video with a couple frames of planet x unerased (sun and sun camera viewing websites are listed below in the info site list):

planet x sky chart I found interesting last year (date prediction miss):

media conspiracy link:


earthquake map:  Click Here

earthquake list:

volcano map:

radiation alert maps:

fireball logs:

sun viewer:

solar imaging:

severe weather news:


Gold newsletter:

Dr Paul Craig Roberts and US worldwide coups:

Pastor Lindsey Williams:


solar dehydrator:

pump and seal:

solar hydronics for hot water and radiant house heating:

10 suggested prep steps in my suggested priority (#11 is my suggestion):
1) get spiritual house in order
2) store food water firearms
3) purchase everything you need right now before you can't get it anymore
4) sort out medicine cabinet - get remedies now
5) get out of the city - all the elite have already left the cities - living in alaska, etc
6) pay off house mortgage if house is in a safe location, otherwise sell/move now
7) get out of paper investments before they lose all value
8) get ready for a short "greatest buying opportunity" of a lifetime if you have cash
9) buy as much gold/silver as possible
10) get out of debt if what you owe on you need to keep
11) get ready to live completely off-grid.  The grid will be gone for our lifetimes after cataclysm.   

CJ Holmes
Home Owners For Justice
Ph: 707-583-9497  -  Fax: 707-244-4332

Santa Rosa, CA


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