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Welcome to our effort to stop the "unlawful attempt by the banks to steal real property"
(aka illegal foreclosures) and support owners in keeping their homes.

The crisis of corrupt and illegal foreclosures has broken our economy and 
driven millions into poverty.
Stopping this crisis and corruption will enable our economy to recover and create millions of jobs.

1.  If you seek foreclosure defense tactics, click FORECLOSURE DEFENSE

 2.  If you want to help stop illegal foreclosures, click ACTIVISM/SOLUTIONS
Some current efforts:  Weekdays Live Shows LIBRARY
Statewide Grand Jury: Presented to CA AG 3-27-13Foreclosure Violations Review
O'Brien Anti-Foreclosure CITY ORDINANCE  [FACTSHEET]

3.  If you want to explore the depths of Bank Criminal Activity, click CRIME HISTORY
Warren/Cummings Letter: OCC refuses to provide requested docs
Independent Foreclosure Review Whistleblower - Proof of Bank Cheating
Catherine Austin Fitts:  The Federal Black Budget
William K Black:  10,000 Felonies A Month! [video]
Catherine Austin Fitts:  Fraud to the tune of Trillions
July 2012 Homeland Security Report:  Money Laundering has Ruined Banking System
Judges ARE FOR SALE Report:  New Politics of Judicial Elections 2009-10
[ever wonder why loan mods are so hard to get???]

This website details the extensive and continuing bank fraud that has resulted in millions of fraudulent foreclosures, provides Warnings and Information owners may find helpful in trying to keep their homes, and focuses on Actions to help stop the crisis, and Solutions to help ensure that we, the people, don't face this type of crisis again. 

Many folks say lots of stuff.  "Trust but Verify".  Require written proof.  A loan modification can be proven.  A foreclosure cancellation can be proven.  If anyone says they are licensed, check them out.  CA license check: real estate, lenders, insurance, appraisers, corps.

STEALING OUR HOMES - To Cover Up Bank Fraud
They misused our home loans as Financial Weapons of Mass Destruction.
We must unite to keep our homes and save our country.
LOST TAX REVENUES - CA County By County Tax Revenue losses (p7)
Historical Foreclosure Record in CA

2005-2013:  HISTORY and LOG of Stealing Our Homes   

CJ Holmes
Home Owners For Justice
Ph: 707-583-9497  -  Fax: 707-244-4332

Santa Rosa, CA


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